The SUNDOWN Concert

“WE WANT DRAKE! WE WANT DRAKE! WE WANT DRAKE,” echoed Kerr Hall after a disappointing night during frosh in which many thought the hometown boy himself would make an appearance. The frustration in student’s voices were lingering affects of the unsuccessful concert, ‘6ix Fest’, attempted by Ryerson last Thanksgiving… Over $80,000 were given in refunds to students due to the misleading concert where big names failed show.

With the RSU (Ryerson Student Union) in hot waters, there was going to be no option for failure. It had to be a hit.

Into a fresh semester, the RSU had a fresh start to redeem a frustrating plethora of concerts. Merely a week into the first five days of school, RSU officially planned the “SUNDOWN Music Festival” along with an apologetic message taking responsibility for the unsuccessful ‘6ix Fest’. However, Drake nor Big Sean were labeled to headline for a redemption concert. Instead, big names such as Joey Bada$$ and Miguel were plastered on the posters.

The concert starts and first out the gates are the Torontonians, The Sorority. With the sun still glazing, students were scattered around the venue searching for shade. But as soon as The Sorority stepped out on stage, the audience was captivated; providing an interesting combination of hip-hop and rap. Despite being the lone female artists of the night, their thunderous beats made an impression and set the tone for the rest of the night.

Next up in the batting order was The Skins. With their incongruous style of music, the audience was caught off guard with their combination of different genres; performing rock and hip-hop.


Sean Leon at RSU’s “Sundown Festival”

Repping all the way from Scarborough was Sean Leon. An unfamiliar name who had something to prove on the big stage. At first, students were hesitant, listening to see if they appreciated the music being rapped to their ears. It didn’t take long until the audience was fully indulged in Sean. Hundreds of hands were raised in the air bumping back and forth to the flow of the beat.


Joey Bada$$ at RSU’s “Sundown Festival”

The sun is set, the audience has heavily anticipated Miguel being the second last performer. Boy, were they wrong. Out comes Joey. Everyone is chanting his name. Hands are bumping. The stage is set for what everyone’s been waiting for. It’s pandemonium. His new album – Amerikkan Bada$$ – is on full display, performing: “Devastated”, “Land of the free” and “Ring the alarm”. Joey even performed one of his iconic originals: “Survival Tactics”. This was perfect build up to the last, but not least, Miguel.


Miguel at RSU’s “Sundown Festival”

After a long awaited entry, colorful lights begin to flash. Students begin to flood the front of the stage. His R&B enchanted the crowd with popular songs “Do You” and “Skywalker”. It was the perfect ending to a cinderella concert. After giving his appreciation to Toronto the audience could finally leave satisfied. Ryerson’s students voices had been heard, and they were given the concert they were promised. A blemish that has since been lifted from RSU’s record.

All photos by Hung Le.


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