The Success of Kaskade’s Spring Fling 2017

For many, the hype in Toronto for Kaskade’s Spring Fling was rightfully earned at Rebel Nightclub on May 21, 2017. The openers definitely did not disappoint and equipped the audience with the energy they needed for Kaskade’s set. The spring flingers started trickling in at 10:00 PM sharp in their most colourful clothing to stand out during the evening.

The Spring Fling brought an older crowd to the venue. Many showed off their dance moves by shuffling and bouncing to the beat. Just to add to the experience, Kaskade’s Spring Fling provided the audience with a snapchat filter to capture all of the spectacular moments of the night!

The evening started off with a fresh sound from LA’s own Ravell. His set was not only explosive, but mesmerizing. He engaged with the audience in every way possible, whether it was launching merch gear off the stage or posting snapchats while the beat dropped. He brought a modern twist to popular songs just in time for the summer, and had the audience in the palm of his hand throughout the duration of the evening.

Ravell copy.jpg

Next up was the talented DJ from New York City, CID. He brought an electric energy to the venue. Tropical tunes were revamped and old hit wonders resurfaced. The crowd thrived off of his sound and continued to dance their way to 1:00 AM.

Following the hype that CID brought, Kaskade joined the party and gave the audience a set of a lifetime. He began with strobe lighting, smoke, and a sound that vibrated every soul in the entire building. The audience was radiating with excitement and the moment they had been waiting for had finally arrived.

Although Kaskade’s followers have a strong love for his epic upbeat remixes, he managed to add the perfect amount of slow and sensual songs to his set list. The Spring Fling had been quite a success as it was evident to see just how the audience responded to the DJ. With their hands up in the air, eyes closed, and smiles on their faces, they opened their hearts up to the sound of happiness.

Kaskade copy.jpg

At one point, Kaskade even managed to throw in a Lana Del Rey summer hit. The Spring flingers were ecstatic to say the least, once they heard their summer jams come to life.

Rebel is known for its elaborate lighting and the Spring Fling whole-heartedly took advantage of this feature. The lighting and stage work went hand in hand with the beats that the audience was vibing along to. This not only added to the atmosphere, but enhanced the Spring Flinger’s moods. Kaskade’s graphics in particular stood out amongst the rest. Needless to say, Rebel was the perfect venue for such an exciting show and the Toronto crowd certainly made the DJs feel at home.

The next stop of Kaskade’s Spring Fling tour is Honolulu, Hawaii on June 2, 2017. We hope to see Kaskade make another stop in Toronto sometime soon!


One thought on “The Success of Kaskade’s Spring Fling 2017

  1. Wow! Great news editorial! Looks as well as sounds like quite a tour that was enjoyed by all. The moments of a great tour experience well explained.


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