Young Canadian Fashion Influencers are Coming Full Throttle

Growing up in a social media based generation has always given us the capability to post and view our own, and others opinions. In this sense, the world of fashion has taken a turn, with a majority of its influencers gaining success and fame through their social media postings.

It has come to view however, that many of these successful influencers, do not come from Canada. You see the location tag of New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, Sweden, and even Australia. But more rarely, you will see Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. Leaving those Canadian men and women, boys and girls, feeling as though it might be a more difficult climb to become a social media influencer.

Contrary to this, I stumbled across two sisters on YouTube with separate channels, Allie Sevdalis and Toni Sevdalis. The two YouTubers, and business owner’s are respectively from our  East, in Montreal. I took a lot of liking to Toni’s channel, as she just completed first year at McGill University, while maintaining an online presence, and running a successful online jewelry business that she co-owns with her sister.

Toni started her YouTube channel just over a year ago, and now sits at roughly 17 thousand subscribes, with also almost 9 thousand followers on Instagram, and finally she just started up her own personal lifestyle and beauty blog, called The Daily Glow Up. ( Toni has been able to bring an exciting energy back to Canadian beauty influencers with her realistic, and motivating approach to her content, that can drive those in the same position (balancing jobs, university, and life) to have a sense of “Ok. I can do this.”

You can now see around you on your social media accounts, like Twitter, Instagram, and possibly even Snapchat, that more young people are taking a liking to posting about their own style, including wardrobe pictures, and outfit ideas. When seeing someone who lives close to you, whether it be a city an hour away, or in a different province, going out there and chasing their passion in the fashion industry, it inclines others who have those goals to do the same.

This is the time where Young Canadian Fashion Influencers are going to make an entrance onto the world stage, as now is isn’t so much as where you’re from that can make you well-known, but the aura you present to your followers, and the passion you bring to your work is what helps reach success.


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