Tight Fades & Clean Shaves: Glassbox

Glassbox Barbershop is one of the best barbershops in the city offering salon quality comfort with barbers expertise.

One of the biggest changes in the past 15 years has been the advancement of male grooming as an industry.  It’s great! Men are able to be pampered and are allowed to care about their appearance without being emasculated or “less of a man”.  Barbershops have played a huge role in that evolution, so I decided to start a feature series called “Tight Fades & Clean Shaves”, to highlight local shops in Toronto, and the subculture that is barbershops.

So why is this even important? I remember moving to Quebec City for hockey, and being at an absolute loss for where to get my haircut. I looked so unkept, because I had been putting off a haircut.  So what I did was ask around my teammates who were just going to local salons, which wouldn’t offer shaves or other barber services.  Finally, my one teammate suggested a local shop that he swore by.  The haircut was decent, but the biggest issue was communicating how I wanted to get my haircut due to the language barrier! I would come in with pictures, learn a couple words in french, and use a lot of hand motions. It was a disaster, to say the least.  It wasn’t until my last couple months in Quebec when I found KRWN barbershop, which had barbers who were bilingual and gave great cuts.

So I decided to create this feature series, where I would try to highlight the aesthetic, quality, and comfort, provided by local shops in Toronto.

Save the Best For First?

It seemed perfect for me to feature Glassbox, because I have been a client since it opened down the street from my house.  When it opened it was just a cool building that drew my attention.  It’s very modern, with white brick walls, and a minimalist aesthetic.  Let’s be honest most barber shops draw cliental through “the look” of their shop.  Glassbox captures that modern aesthetic while also being good at what they do.  I’ve had horrible experiences at difference shops, where barbers have even told me they learned most of what they know from youtube… yeah that happened.  So it’s refreshing to go to a place that can provide updated cuts, while also providing quality scissor work that allows your hair to grow and maintain its health.

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The best part about Glassbox is they actually CARE about their clients.  They care about your time, your comfort, and the quality they deliver.  I’ve been to numerous shops with a sign-in only policy, where you could end up waiting 2 hours for a haircut… it’s awful.  They provide a salon level of service that is really tough to find in other shops where they sacrifice your comfort for their ability to get people on and off their chairs as soon as possible.

Glassbox in Toronto

The one thing I’ve learned from going to different shops, is know your shop.  That means follow them on Instagram, and ask questions about what is in the shop itself.  A lot of the items in barbershops will have cool or unique stories behind them.  At Glassbox, they really rep Toronto, not in the bullshit way by wearing the whole OVO store.  But they truly support local artists, and aspiring barbers.

They recently teamed up with Menspire Salon from the UK to open up an academy for barbers.  The location is right across the street from their shop, and they offer courses to experienced hairstylists.  It’s a place for people to learn new skills, and constantly be updating their expertise.  They are also involved in different charitable activities within Toronto.  They truly rep the city that supports them.

Another interesting aspect of the shop is their feature wall, which features different local artists work. This is so unique for a business to genuinely support people in different industries that come from the same city as them.  Artists like Drake, The Weeknd, and Roy Wood$, are not the artists in our city that need more support.  It’s the person looking for one shot to get their work in front of the right set of eyes. At Glassbox they give local artists that shot.

Check out the artwork they currently have featured:



The Faces of Glassbox 

If you want us to feature another shop you know of feel free to comment or reach us via email !

A big thanks to Skyler Leduc for the quality cut and to Glassbox for letting a couple students invade their workspace for the feature.  

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Check out the shops Instagram or Head to the Glassbox site for bookings:



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