The Lockhart: Where Potterheads Go To Party

Sitting on the corner of Dufferin Street and Dundas Street West (just off of Diagon Alley) is a hole in the wall bar that’s oozing with magic.

The Lockhart, Harry Potter inspired bar, is about as big as the cupboard under the stairs. But, as any man will tell you: it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it. The owners of the Lockhart work wonders with the space they are given. Every inch of the space is injected with the wonder of the Harry Potter series, leavings its patrons as engaged as if they were at Hogwarts itself.


Photo by Cassandra Cervi

The walls are adorned with wands and books and skulls. One wall is painted with designs that modernize pieces of the series. A snake, potions bottles, spell incantations all surround a neon sign that reads “All was well”, the series’ last words. Behind the bar, shelves carry what are proclaimed to be “potions and elixirs” in various ornate bottles and jars.



Photo by Cassandra Cervi

The menu is ridden with Potter references, providing drinks that enchant the mind and ensnare the senses. The Befuddlement Draft is a crowd favorite. A sharing drink, it is served in a small cauldron. The two shot glasses in the cauldron are lit on fire. It is to the customer to blow out the fire, brew their draft, and serve it into ornate glass goblets. The Dementor’s Kiss is a shot of tequila, infused with Ghost pepper. It is not recommended for mere Muggles.



Photo by Cassandra Cervi



From the rustic and fantastical décor to the drinks spiked with nostalgia, the place feels familiar. It feels as though I have stepped through the same doors in another world. In between the pages of my doggy-eared, cracked-spine copies of the Potter series.



Check out the Lockhart’s website here



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