Tragedy in St. Stephen

Three members of the St. Stephen Aces of the Maritime Junior Hockey League were injured in a car crash around 5pm on September 14th, Their car left the road, hit a pole and began to roll. Two of the players were released from hospital while the other is still in critical condition induced in a coma in a hospital located in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The player’s name is Scottie Greene, a well respected individual who seems to be the pride of Bishop’s Falls, Newfoundland. Greene made the jump to play hockey away last season when he cracked the roster of the Sherbrooke Phoenix of the QMJHL, a great accomplishment for a player who was invited on a tryout basis. At the Christmas break Greene ended up getting traded to the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles where he spent the remainder of the 2015-2016 campaign. He was eventually released from camp this season which is what led to him being one of the bright spots on the blueline for a new Aces squad. This quickly took a turn after Greene was severely injured in a motor vehicle incident this past week.

This event has caused quite the impact on Greene’s present and former teammates, but most significantly has brought shock to his family and his hometown of Bishop’s Falls. He is considered a real success story to the hockey program of this small town and is seen as somewhat of a role model to young players in his area. A fundraising campaign began almost immediately to offer aid to the Greene family in this tough time by Derek Ford, the President of Bishop’s Falls Minor Hockey program which has already raised close to 20 thousand dollars to help the Greene family with any travel accommodations, rehabilitation or other necessary expenses during this battle. It’s too bad a tragedy such as this one is the only way to show how vital Scottie Greene has been in inspiring his people from back home. At Rally Media we would sincerely like to send our best wishes to Scottie and the Greene family on his route to overcoming this tough obstacle.

Greene has also received an outpouring of best wishes from people of all over through social media demonstrating the type of friend, teammate and person Scottie truly is.


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