Start-­up studentXel Wants To Elevate Your University Experience

The future of the student has arrived.

The company studentXel is based in Waterloo ON and is looking to redefine what it means to be a student in the post-­secondary educational system.

“University is a critical time in an individual’s life, so it is important to get the most out of everything you do” says Andrew Stubbs the CEO of studentXel.

To optimize the student lifestyle, studentXel is using Nootropics to safely give an edge. Nootropics are used to enhance memory and other cognitive functions surrounding creativity and motivation. KlarityTM, the first product to launch, provides a calm focus with no jitters or crash so the student can work in a heightened, composed manner.

“Studying is just one component of university, but it is important to get it done with purpose” says Andrew Stubbs.

To encapsulate their message, the studentXel LifeCode on breaks down a framework to excel the student’s functionality through stressing good habits and balance. Going to the gym, eating wholesome meals, and selectively partying are some examples.

KlarityTM is currently sold both online at and in stores in Waterloo, Kingston, and Toronto—helping students achieve success in a sustainable fashion along the way.


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